1) Download Vodei MP
2) Run VodeiSetup210.exe to install
3) View movie in media player
4) If at first doesn't work, download and install ffdshow
5) View movie in media player

No Spyware, No Adware, No Malware

Welcome to the official website of the Vodei Multimedia Processor.

Here you may download the software required to playback multimedia content that has been encoded using the Vodei encoder.

Vodei MP is available as a free download by following this link: Download Vodei Multimedia Processor. Our software is adware, spyware, and virus free. After downloading, double click VodeiSetup210.exe to begin the quick and easy installation process.

Vodei MP has been tested with most popular multimedia playing software. However, if your favorite player does not work, we recommend trying Winamp or Windows Media Player, which are both known to work well.

If after a successful installation of Vodei MP you are still unable to view (due to missing audio, missing video, or still seeing the "Vodei Needed" notification) the Vodei encoded multimedia content, you are missing a secondary codec. This is easily corrected by downloading and installing the ffdshow codec from here or from the AfterDawn website.


Windows Media Player

Media Player Classic