Why do I need Vodei Multimedia Processor?

Vodei Multimedia Processor, otherwise known as Vodei MP or just Vodei, is mandatory for the successful playback of multimedia (typically movies) that has been encoded using the Vodei encoder. Vodei makes possible the storage of higher quality content in smaller files and the faster transmission of multimedia files over file distribution networks.

What are the system requirements for Vodei MP?

Vodei MP generally requires Windows 98/98SE/2000/ME/XP/Vista with at least 128 MB RAM, 600 MHz processor, and DirectX 7 or better installed in your system. Since Vodei is free to download, you may of course try it on any computer. Windows 7 is partially supported.

Does Vodei MP run on Mac or Linux?

No. At this time Vodei MP works only on Windows. We are evaluating the possibility of making a Macintosh and/or Linux version.

Does Vodei MP "call home" or track usage?

No. Vodei MP does not connect to the Internet and it does not record any usage and it does not send any information to anyone. We care about your privacy.

Does Vodei MP contain spyware or adware?

No. Vodei MP doesn't monitor/spy on anything and it does not display any advertisements on your computer. We are in the software industry, not the espionage industry. And if you do not believe us, here is proof from an independent third party: http://www.siteadvisor.com/sites/vodei.com/.

How do I run Vodei after installation?

There is nothing you need to run after installation. Vodei MP is a multimedia processor, it is not a multimedia player. Once installed, Vodei encoded content will play in most common video players such as Windows Media Player or Winamp.

There is sound but no video or there is video but no sound, what do I do?

Download and install the ffdshow codec from the AfterDawn website or directly here.

Vodei has been installed, but after opening the Vodei encoded file, I see the exact same thing I saw before. What do I do?

If you are using the latest version of Vodei MP (which is, as of right now, 2.10), the most common cause of this problem is a missing MPEG-4 decoder. You simply need to install ffdshow. You also need to make sure you are using one of the recommended players like Windows Media Player or Winamp.

My media playing software crashes when trying to play a video. Now what?

This is a known defect in older versions of the software on some very unusual hardware configurations; you should install Vodei MP version 2.10 or newer. If that doesn't help and you installed ffdshow then use the start menu to uninstall it and  install a different MPEG-4 decoder such as XviD. Lastly, install all the important updates from the Microsoft Windows Update website.

How to reinstall Vodei MP if movies suddenly stopped working?

Follow these steps to properly uninstall and then reinstall Vodei MP:

  1. Uninstall by going to Start --> All Programs --> Vodei MP --> Uninstall

  2. Restart your computer
  3. Delete C:\Program Files\Vodei if it hasn't been automatically deleted
  4. Install Vodei MP

Can incomplete or corrupt Vodei files be played?

Sometimes. Versions 2.00 and later of Vodei MP are capable of playing some incomplete and corrupt files. Attempting to play an incomplete file may result in the "You need Vodei MP" screen or an error being displayed.

Can I make a DVD from my Vodei downloads?

Yes. You can use a Registered version of Vodei MP with EasyBurner (use coupon code 'vodei') to create DVDs from Vodei files.

Without EasyBurner, you can store your downloaded files on a DVD or other removable computer storage device for the purpose of backup in the same format as the original files. However, any DVDs that you burn with Vodei files will not be readable by a DVD player. You can only view the files on a computer that has Vodei MP installed.

Are there any hardware (set top box) Vodei players?

Not yet. At this time there are no DVD or any other hardware/firmware players which are compatible with the Vodei format. This means that copying the movie file to a CD or DVD and placing it in your home entertainment system is probably not going to work. This is expected to change in 2010.

Can I use Vodei MP with my TV?

Yes. You can use a Registered version of Vodei MP with EasyBurner (use coupon code 'vodei') to create DVDs from Vodei files. You can then play these DVDs in your regular standalone DVD player.

If you don't have EasyBurner, Vodei MP only works when installed on a personal computer or Media Center PC. If you have the capability to connect your TV to a PC then you can watch Vodei encoded videos on your television. Please refer to the documentation for your computer hardware for more information about your machine's capability to interface with a television.

In most cases, connecting your computer to your television is as simple as using an s-video connection. S-video is a standard 4-pin video connection available on most televisions and video cards. S-video only transfers the video image, so you will also need to connect the audio out port on your computer to external speakers or to a home stereo system. Some video cards also come with standard RCA adapters for video and audio and will allow you to connect your computer in the same way you would connect a VCR or video camera.

Can Vodei encoded files be converted to other video formats like MPEG or DivX?

Yes. You can use a Registered version of Vodei MP with EasyBurner (use coupon code 'vodei') to convert Vodei (and most other multimedia formats) to files compatible with MAC, Linux, DVD, iPod, PSP, Cell Phones and more. EasyBurner is the only application we recommend for this purpose.

Can multiple Vodei encoded files be joined together?

While it is technically feasible, we are not aware of any existing publicly available software which is capable of modifying Vodei files in any way. If you need to edit Vodei files, you need to convert them to another format first (using EasyBurner).

Does Media Player Classic work with Vodei MP?

Yes, Media Player Classic (MPC) can be configured to work with Vodei MP. After installing the Vodei Multimedia Processor, start Media Player Classic, open the "View" menu and click "Options...". Click "Internal Filters" on the left menu and remove the checkmark next to "AVI" under "Source Filters." Now click "OK". Vodei encoded content will now play in MPC. Here is a screenshot to help with the configuration process.

Does Winamp work with Vodei MP?

Yes, although, in the newest versions of Winamp, you will need to disable the Winamp in_avi.dll plugin first. You can do this by removing or renaming the in_avi.dll file in Winamp\Plugins or simply use winamp_fix.exe to do it automatically.

How do I obtain a replacement Registration Key?

If you are not a registered user then Register here. If you are already registered and need a new Key because you formatted, changed, or replaced your computer or lost your key, use the Lost Key page.

How is the Vodei encoder obtained?

Please contact us for corporate licensing information. Please include your business description and telephone number.

What if my question is not answered in this FAQ?

You may contact us with any questions, bug reports, suggestions, or comments.